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Udespar (ウデスパー Udesupā?) is President Geisel's second-in-command. He was the first member of the Despar Army to be revealed, along with the prototype Despar Soldiers. Also in prototype images, Udespar is seen to have a red hand, similar to Fiery Fighter, and in earlier sketches, seen to have a human arm.

Appeared in episodes 24 and 25 in the original Inazuman, and episodes 1-7 of Inazuman Flash.

Various Incarnations

In episode 7, Udespar was defeated by Inazuman and then was rebuilt as Udespar Alpha (ウデスパーα, Udesupā Arufa) and Udespar Beta (ウデスパーβ, Udesupā Bēta). These new form don't get along very well, with Alpha being the tougher one but Beta having gotten most of the brains. Realizing that one Udespar was better than two, Geisel attempts to merge them back together again, and for a time they're the super-powerful Combined Udespar (合体ウデスパー, Gattai Udesupā), but technical difficulties force them apart.


Udespar's default form. His powers include a motorcycle, a machine gun, a missile launcher, high jumping, a numerous arm attachments (like a claw that attaches to right hand and a whip that attaches to left hand), and grenades.

Udespar Alpha

Udespar Alpha: His powers include a human disguise, the Despar Straining Hurricane, a detachable left arm claw, high jumping, and combining. Appears in episodes 8-13.

Udespar Beta

Udespar Beta: Like Udespar Alpha, his powers include a human disguise, the Despar Straining Hurricane, a detachable right arm whip, high jumping, and combining. Also appears in episodes 8-13, together with Udespar Alpha.

Combined Udespar

Combined Udespar: This form is combination between Udespar Alpha and Beta. His powers include a trident right hand, a tentacle left hand with a hidden arresting wire, and thick armor. Appears in episodes 10-11, and 13-14.


Behind the scenes


His name, Udespar, is a combined word between Ude (腕, Arm) and Despar.

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