This article is about a/an monster in Inazuman.

Rose Banbara (バラバンバラ Bara Banbara?), appeared in episode 11 of the original Inazuman. Powers include disguising herself as a giant rose, toxic pedals called the Pedal Pressure, teleportation, summoning roses on eyes called the Rose Blinders, vines from the left arm called the Vine Binder, an extendable thorny root for the right arm called the Thorn Thrust, high jumping, a human disguise, and paralyzing pollen called the Paralyzer Pollen. This monster turns out to be Goro's long-lost mother, Shinobu Watari (渡シノブ Watari Shinobu?). She dies not by Inazuman killing her, but rather Banba exploding her.


Shinobu Watari